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Activité de l'entreprise

Anesthesia Safety Network is a French start-up focused on patient safety and quality in healthcare. This company was created in 2016 and is located in Rueil-Malmaison (Paris suburb). Frederic Martin M.D. is the founder of Anesthesia Safety Network. He graduated as an anesthesiologist in 2004 and he is also a medical simulation instructor (Emergensim) interested in human factor education and crisis resource management. The Anesthesia Safety Network platform is an incident reporting system, collecting data from PACU nurses, CRNA and anesthesiologists. The main goal is to share incidents or successes reported by healthcare professionals (near-misses or hazardous events) to reinforce global knowledge about safety issues

Work-as-imagined and Work-as-done: How large is the gap?

All this information collected can lead to changes in the way of developing new medical equipment and tools. Indeed, conducting user testing and gathering feedback from the device’s target end users is critical. The devices are designed with only the ideal user in mind. The trouble is that dealing with stress, distraction, fatigue can result in poor usability for many healthcare professionals leading to hazardous events. That’s why incorporating user limitations are crucial for patient safety reasons.

There are three major branches for the Anesthesia Safety Network Company:

  • medical education through quarterly newsletters and broadcasting of interactive videos focused on quality in Healthcare
  • insurance company consultation for emerging risks
  • medical device manufacturer’s consultation (safety and ergonomic concerns, user needs, user feedback information)

Our proposal is to share with you feedback from frontline staff who are interacting with medical equipment in real life. Discovering these usage differences will give you the opportunity to optimize design for future medical equipment, thereby being proactive in safety science and decreasing the risk of being involved in medical incidents (


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